Friday, June 8, 2007

It's a girl!!!

Cadence Rose Cleaver was born on April 21st at 4:54pm.

My labor started on Thursday April 19th at around 8pm...I remember this because I was watching Grey's Anatomy heehee. My contractions were very mild and about 20-30 mins apart.

12 am Friday April 20th - ouch! contractions were starting to hurt (looking back these were a piece of cake)

4am - Contractions 7-10 mins apart. Called the Dr. on call, she said to wait until they were 5 mins apart.

6am - Woke Christopher up "its time to go to the hospital"

7am - Arrived at Hospital, checked in, waited for Dr. I got examined and I was only 1cm dilated WTF?!?!? At this point my contractions were 5 mins apart and really starting to hurt!

9am - got sent home

9:30am-4:30pm - labored at home....tried to sleep, oh did I mention that Christopher and I both had horrible colds??

5pm - Back to the hospital, the nurses were starting to take pity on us. Got examined...still 1cm ARG!

9pm - Got sent home with 2 T3's and a sleeping pill. I took the sleeping pill and slept for 1 hr. Poor Chris had to leave the bedroom, when I was sleeping I was having contractions and whimpering (poor Daddy)

Saturday April 21st 1am - went back to the hospital with VERY intense contractions about 3 mins apart. The nurses were not surprised to see us heehee.

3am - I am in so much pain at this point, I ask what I can have. I get some very much needed morphine, which was NOT in my birth plan at all.....oh well!

5am - after some much needed sleep, my water breaks. Contractions are 2-3 mins apart and getting so much stronger.

7:30am - Ahhhh the epidural, how I love you epidural. 4cms dilated.

8:30am - Anesthetist comes in to check on me and I profess my love for him lol.

12pm - 7cms dilated, Chris gets some sleep (poor guy)

1:30pm - 9 cms whoo hoo!

3:30pm - dr checks me and I am still at 9 cms and my contractions have slowed down. They put me on the Pitocin drip to see if things progress. They don't, the OB comes in and discovers that Cadence is transverse and her chin is up, uh oh!

4pm - the drs all come back in and say basically that the baby is not in distress at this time, but they don't want her to get in that situation. So my best option would be to go ahead and have a c-section. Obviously I was disappointed, but the goal here was to have a healthy safe baby.

4:54pm - Welcome to the world Cadence Rose Cleaver, it was a long road to get you hear, but it was well worth it. I would do it all over again for you.

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